Aug 7, 2017

Clive Barker's RAWHEAD REX - 4K Restoration - Canadian Premiere (Hamilton, ON)

Before Hellraiser, horror legend Clive Barker raised hell with his script for Rawhead Rex, the big screen adaptation of his story from his Books of Blood. 

Now, 30 years later, the George Pavlou directed Rawhead Rex is returning to theaters with a brand new 4k restoration, and the Hexploitation Film Festival is proud to host its Canadian Premiere - Friday, August 25 @ 8:30pm.

RAWHEAD REX - New 4K Restoration

Screens with short film DEATH METAL (USA) || Director: Chris McInroy

Date: Friday, August 25, 2017
Time: Doors @ 8:00pm / Film @ 8:30pm
Tickets: $10 (online - advance*) / $12 (at door - cash only)
Location: Staircase Cafe Theatre (27 Dundurn St. N.)


RAWHEAD REX is the gruesome story of an ancient demon unleashed from hell after a millennia to rip shit up across the rural towns of Ireland and the American Historian who tries to stop him. Featuring rubber monster suits, misty fields, decapitated heads, optical lasers, and a "baptism" scene you have to see to believe! Only the kind of cult film weirdness that could be cooked up in the 80s. Hilariously awful or awfully hilarious: you decide!

*online tickets subject to a $1.09 service fee ea.

Jul 31, 2017


Fright Night Theatre Film Festival Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to

Effective immediately, the Fright Night Theatre Film Festival is now the HEXPLOITATION FILM FESTIVAL: a three-day celebration and showcase of the best in new indie Horror & Exploitation genre films from Canada and around the world. The newly christened Hexploitation Film Festival (HXFF) will take over the Staircase Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario from March 23-25, 2018 with a competitive festival program of no-holds-barred cinematic thrills, chills, and kills. Submissions for feature-length and short films open August 1st exclusively on FILM FREEWAY

The Hexploitation Film Festival programming team, including festival director and organizer Aaron Allen whose passion for horror and controversial exploitation cult films led to the Hexploitation rebrand, is hard at work curating the annual competitive festival program as well as special one-off screenings packed with more monsters, maniacs, and murder! Horror fans and genre junkies can expect down-to-earth Q&A's with local and visiting filmmakers, themed parties and special events, and a community-driven experience organized by fans for fans.

In years past, the festival has been home to numerous world, national and regional premieres of such exciting and acclaimed indie films as THE BABADOOK, THE LURE, POOL PARTY MASSACRE, CAT SICK BLUES, RETURN TO NUKE'EM HIGH VOL. 1, ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSENZOMBIES, KILLER RACK, BRACKENMORE, CIRCUS OF THE DEAD, BONEJANGLES, NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, THE BARN, and HARVEST LAKE.

The Hexploitation Film Festival has also been thrilled to host many visiting filmmakers such as George Mihalka (MY BLOODY VALENTINE), Gregory Lamberson (JOHNNY GRUESOME), Brian K. Williams (SPACE BABES FROM OUTERSPACE), Scott Schirmer (HARVEST LAKE), Justin M. Seaman (THE BARN), as well as post-screening Skype Q&As with filmmakers such as Lowell Dean (WOLFCOP) and Andy Palmer (THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE).

“We live in an era where big studio blockbusters have pushed smaller innovative and envelope-pushing horror films from multiplex screens,” said festival director and lead programmer Aaron Allen. “At the same time, we’ve seen the development of a streaming distribution culture that has eroded the communal magic of the theatre-going experience and turned movie-watching into an isolated activity. The Hexploitation Film Festival seeks to preserve the best parts of the theatre-going experience by seeking out unique horror & cult exploitation films and providing an intimate and interactive theatrical experience that brings emerging filmmakers together with the local arts community and our great fanbase of horror and genre movie lovers.”

Raise a little Hex at the Staircase Theatre 
March 23 - 25, 2018

May 2, 2017

Contest: Rename the Fright Night Theatre Film Festival and Win a Life-Time Pass

The Fright Night Theatre Film Festival is Mutating...
and We Need Your Help!

We don't know if it's because of exposure to radioactive ooze, a voodoo curse, the result of an alien virus, or simply just some form of putrid puberty, but Hamilton's long-standing horror, cult, and exploitation genre screening series and film festival is under going come chilling ch-ch-ch-changes.

That's right; for our 10th year and 2018 film festival, we are re-branding to change both our name and our look. Same great films and annual festival: new name!  And we want your help in re-naming our fearsome fest. In exchange, we're offering a free, life-time festival pass to the lucky winner. Read below for details!



1.) Download and complete the official contest entry form HERE
2.) Return the form to with the subject-line RENAME FNTFF by 12:00 AM ET on Monday, April 22, 2017. This contest is open to all residents 18 years or older of Canada and the USA but prize is nontransferable. No cash value. See entry form for complete rules and guidelines.

Mar 27, 2017


Please join us in celebrating all our FNTFF 2017 Award Winners! A creepy congratulations to all our amazing filmmakers, crews, and teams who partook in the festival. Your work and passion are truly exceptional. And a special thank you to all our fans who voted for the Audience Choice Awards across all three nights of the fest.

Without further adieu,  the winners are.....

Mar 26, 2017

That's a Wrap on 2017!

That's a wrap folks! The 2017 Fright Night Theatre has come to a close after three nights of thrills, chills, and kills. Hamilton, ON's only festival dedicated to indie horror, cult, and exploitation films would like to thank you all for your support and sharing our love of monsters, maniacs, and cinematic murder.

Blood Hunters director Tricia Lee (front right) with the Fright Night Theatre Volunteer Team
After 3 days spotlighting 7 freaky feature films and 16 shocking shorts, the FNTFF wrapped its 2017 season with the Ontario Premiere of Tricia Lee's creature feature BLOOD HUNTERS to an enthusiastic crowd of sci-fi and horror fans. Blood Hunters followed a robust screening of the monster-loving documentary Long Live the King: The Legacy of King Kong earlier that day.

From all of us at the FNTFF, thank you! And thank you to all our tireless volunteers and programming team without whom this festival would not happen.

See you all next year. The FNTFF will be undergoing some changes, but we'll be back in a new form with the same devotion to fringe films and sinister cinema.

Festival Day 3 - Monster Mania (Closing Night)

Tonight, the 2017 Fright Night Theatre Film Festival wraps its final day with two monstrous movies that are to die for!

*Special Sunday Pass: $15 for both films*

4:00pm (Elaine Mae Theatre, 25 Dundurn St. N.)

Directed by Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger
Trailer Poster
Feature documentary about the enduring popularity of the character King Kong, and how the 1933 film has inspired countless artists, writers and filmmakers. Featuring interviews with Joe Dante (Gremlins), Doug Jones (Hellboy), Dana Gould (The Simpsons), Bob Burns (monster movie historian and collector), Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) and more.
Screens with short film POLICY directed by Donavon Thompson.
Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

6:00pm (Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N.)

2017  Fright Night Theatre Film Festival Award Winner Announcement
Join us as we announce the winners of our FNTFF Awards including winners in our short film and feature film categories.
7:00pm (Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N.)

Directed by Tricia Lee     ** DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE**
Trailer Poster
A ward-winning Canadian director Tricia Lee returns to the FNTFF with BLOOD HUNTERS, a character-driven horror film about a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant. And to make matters worse, strange blood-hungry creatures are lurking in the darkness. Starring Julian Richings (Man of Steel, The VVITCH, Cube), Lara Gilchrist (Battlestar Galactica), Mark Taylor (Flashpoint), and Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlantis).
Screens with short film UNDRESS ME directed by Amelia Moses.
Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

Mar 25, 2017

Festival Day 2: Slashers & Psychopaths

The Fright Night Theatre Film Festival enters Day 2 at the Staircase Theatre for a day of four fearsome screenings!

At 3:30pm we are thrilled to present our annual HORROR SHORT FILM SHOWCASE featuring the World Premieres of local shorts CHEWED (dir. Mike Trebilcock) and JASON (dir. Greg Kovacs). Although this screening is SOLD OUT, there's a chance some tickets will become available at the box office due to no-shows. Check in with the box office at 2:30pm to join the rush line.

At 7:00pm we have three back-to-back features, all of which deal with psychos and slashers!

7.00 PM - WHO'S WATCHING OLIVER (USA) Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

Directed by Richie Moore

tells the story of a mentally unstable loner lost in a life of depraved violence forced upon him by his psychopathic mother. His only savior and possible way out of a life of sleazy violence comes in the form of the beautiful Sophia. Or will she end up like all the beautiful women in his life: cut up into little pieces?

Screens with short film FLIES IN MAY directed by Caroline Jiang.

9.45 PM - RED CHRISTMAS (AUSTRALIA) Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

Directed by Craig Anderson

Starring and produced by genre star DEE WALLACE (The Howling, Cujo, The Hills Have Eyes), the stylish and over-the-top RED CHRISTMAS makes its Ontario debut the FNTFF! A cloaked stranger interrupts the Christmas Day festivities of a strong willed matriarch (Dee Wallace) who is celebrating with her dysfunctional family. When the stranger goes on the offensive, the family is subjected to an un-silent night of holy terror in which the cinematic carnage that makes victims of naughty and nice alike.

Screens with short film BORN AGAIN directed by Jason Tostevin.

11.59 PM - CAT SICK BLUES (AUSTRALIA) Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

Directed by Dave Jackson

A man pushed to a traumatic mental breakdown following the death of his beloved cat believes he can bring his feline friend back from the dead by dressing up like a cat and collecting 9 human lives. Insane. Offensive. Prosthetic Cat Penis. None of these words come close to describing the unbridled madness that is destined to make CAT SICK BLUES a certifiable cult hit.

Screens with short film DEATH METAL directed by Chris McInroy.