Co-presented with The Way of the Sword Film Talk Series


Thursday, April 11, 2024 @ 7:00pm

VENUE: The Westdale
(1014 King St. W, Hamilton, ON, L8S 1L4, Canada)

The Final Hex: Hexploitation Farewell Tour

Part of The Westdale's The Way of the Sword Film Talk Series: an exploration into the hidden corners of a rich film culture of Japan, featuring rarely screened cult classics and enough WTF-strangeness to keep you coming back for more!

The Hexploitation Film Festival is proud to team up with The Way of the Sword to present TOP KNOT DETECTIVE, a fascinating and funny documentary-style retrospective of one of Japan's most unique and obscure TV sensations with a shocking behind-the-scenes true crime story.


In the late 90s, Japanese TV show ‘Ronin Suiri Tantai’ made it to Australian screens retitled as Top Knot Detective where it became a cult hit. The original Japanese series was legendary in its home country as being a cultural train-wreck, led by its insane writer/director/star, Takashi Takamoto. The rivalry between Takashi and co-star, Haruto Koike, is just the tip of this conspiratorial iceberg, leading back to Japanese conglomerate Sutaffu, and its CEO, Moritaro (coincidentally, Haruto’s father). On-screen he battles robot ninjas & penis monsters while off-screen jealousy threatens to demolish his legacy. TOP KNOT DETECTIVE introduces us to the show's cult status while probing into the origins of its creator Takashi Takamoto, his hunger for fame, desire to be admired, and the blurry lines between truth and fiction. Through interviews with cast and crew, the mystery of Takashi Takamoto unravels, and we get an insight into the eccentric shows that cult film fans hold so dear.

This is a hugely entertaining look at a completely neglected talent who deserves to find an audience around the world. It’s also “complete and total BS!” (Fantastic Fest)

Presented in English and Japanese with English subtitles.