AARON ALLEN: Director & Lead Programmer

Aaron Allen is a life-long devotee of genre film with a passion for horror cinema. An original member of the Fright Night Theatre team from its start in 2009, Aaron took over programming duties and operations in 2012 and oversaw Fright Night's transformation into a competitive film festival. Aaron's taste in horror and genre films tends towards monster movies and gory horror-comedies in the style of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. He counts George A. Romero, Astron-6, David Cronenberg, Stuart Gordon, and Godzilla as his favorite filmmakers, past and present.

TINA ALLEN: Box Office Operations

Tina Allen is a horror fan who saw The Shining and Poltergeist at so young and vulnerable an age that the experience permanently messed her up -- in the best possible way. Tina's favorite films include The Shining, Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses, It FollowsThe Conjuring, and Get Out. She is a big fan of spooky ghost movies and a well-executed hammer kill.

JAY CLARKE: Programmer
Short Film Advisory Team
Awards Judge

Jay Clarke was born in Oakville, Ontario and raised on a steady diet of eighties horror flicks. He has written & directed several short films which have played in festivals across North America. In addition to FNT, he also programs for the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival and Toronto's monthly genre short film showcase Little Terrors. He is also the founder and curator of The Horror Section, a horror media blog and VHS archive.

BRETT JANSEN: Programmer
Feature & Short Film Advisory Team
Awards Judge

Brett Jansen is a Confederation College Film program alum who co-runs a VHS distribution company called Video Carnage Video. He has produced two short films and is an avid film watcher and horror buff.

Feature & Short Film Advisory Team
Awards Judge

Desmond Reddick is a writer, teacher and podcaster on Vancouver Island. As far as movies are concerned, he loves all kinds of horror, but he is particularly fond of Italian films from the late seventies, American films from the early 80s, the French horror of the 2000s, and the recent mumblecore horror stuff, even though he hates that term. You can find him weekly on the Dread Media horror genre podcast at and on Twitter @dreadmedia

Feature Film Advisory Team
Awards Judge

By day, Branden fights the good fight, getting CD’s and LP’s in the hands of the people of Shelbyville, Indiana. By night, he is most commonly sitting with his eyeballs glued to a screen; whether at home, a friends’ house, the theater, or his home away from home: The Skyline Drive-In. Branden has been a programmer for Friday Night Frights at the Strand Theater and currently puts together a double feature at the Skyline Drive-In during the summer called Indie SINsations. His goal is to find and introduce people to new, crazy films.