Mar 8, 2021

HXFF 2021 Online Film Festival Planning Survey

 A Hexploitation Film Festival Update from Director and Lead Programmer Aaron Allen

Hello film fiends,

It has been over a year since we held the 2020 edition of the Hexploitation Film Festival at The Staircase Theatre followed by our rocking afterparty at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton, ON. Since then, it has been a year of turmoil and uncertainty for all of us. We postponed our plans for a February 2021 festival, and festival operations went into a holding pattern. The Staircase closed. This Ain't Hollywood closed. The Staircase re-opened! It's been a real roller coaster of a year. And looking ahead, it's still quite uncertain when it will be safe for theatres to re-open at a large capacity again.

With this continued uncertainty in mind, and from the feedback we've received from longtime fans and supporters who truly missed having an HXFF to attend in February, we are now looking at launching the 2021 edition of HXFF as an online film festival in the Fall.

To this end, we are currently collecting feedback from fans and filmmakers about what they would like to see in an online version of the HXFF. I would like to invite you to leave your feedback by completing the survey below or click here to complete the survey on a new page. The survey is anonymous, contains only five questions, and should take no more than five minutes of your time to complete. Your feedback will help shape our plans for Hexploitation in 2021. 

The HXFF is an independent festival run by horror, exploitation, and genre film fans. Our passion is introducing fans to the best in indie thrills, chills, and kills. If it's not safe for you to come to us, we may have to come for you.

All the bloody best,

- Aaron Allen