Mar 25, 2017

Festival Day 2: Slashers & Psychopaths

The Fright Night Theatre Film Festival enters Day 2 at the Staircase Theatre for a day of four fearsome screenings!

At 3:30pm we are thrilled to present our annual HORROR SHORT FILM SHOWCASE featuring the World Premieres of local shorts CHEWED (dir. Mike Trebilcock) and JASON (dir. Greg Kovacs). Although this screening is SOLD OUT, there's a chance some tickets will become available at the box office due to no-shows. Check in with the box office at 2:30pm to join the rush line.

At 7:00pm we have three back-to-back features, all of which deal with psychos and slashers!

7.00 PM - WHO'S WATCHING OLIVER (USA) Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

Directed by Richie Moore

tells the story of a mentally unstable loner lost in a life of depraved violence forced upon him by his psychopathic mother. His only savior and possible way out of a life of sleazy violence comes in the form of the beautiful Sophia. Or will she end up like all the beautiful women in his life: cut up into little pieces?

Screens with short film FLIES IN MAY directed by Caroline Jiang.

9.45 PM - RED CHRISTMAS (AUSTRALIA) Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

Directed by Craig Anderson

Starring and produced by genre star DEE WALLACE (The Howling, Cujo, The Hills Have Eyes), the stylish and over-the-top RED CHRISTMAS makes its Ontario debut the FNTFF! A cloaked stranger interrupts the Christmas Day festivities of a strong willed matriarch (Dee Wallace) who is celebrating with her dysfunctional family. When the stranger goes on the offensive, the family is subjected to an un-silent night of holy terror in which the cinematic carnage that makes victims of naughty and nice alike.

Screens with short film BORN AGAIN directed by Jason Tostevin.

11.59 PM - CAT SICK BLUES (AUSTRALIA) Tickets: $11.00 ea. (cash-only at the door) 

Directed by Dave Jackson

A man pushed to a traumatic mental breakdown following the death of his beloved cat believes he can bring his feline friend back from the dead by dressing up like a cat and collecting 9 human lives. Insane. Offensive. Prosthetic Cat Penis. None of these words come close to describing the unbridled madness that is destined to make CAT SICK BLUES a certifiable cult hit.

Screens with short film DEATH METAL directed by Chris McInroy.