Aug 6, 2018

HXFF's RETRO GRADE presents CURTAINS (1983) with star Lynne Griffin in Attendance!

The Hexploitation Film Festival's brand new RETRO GRADE moving night series kicks off its inaugural show with a special screening of the 1983 cult Canadian slasher CURTAINS with star LYNNE GRIFFIN (also of BLACK CHRISTMAS and STRANGE BREW fame) in attendance!

Every ticket-buyer will have a chance to win some exclusively cool horror movie prizes.

Saturday, August 18 @ The Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N, Hamilton: 8:30PM - 10:30PM


Six young actresses auditioning for a movie role at a remote mansion are targeted by a mysterious masked murderer.


In Curtains, a group of actresses are stalked by a masked killer while they are auditioning at the remote mansion estate of a sleazy, shady film director. What begins as a casting session to replace the film's intended and emotionally unstable star devolves into madness and murder when a witch-masked slasher with a creepy doll and some well-sharpened tools makes each wannabe star fight for her life. Curtains features direction by the acclaimed cinematography Richard Ciupka.

Curtains stars a cast of cult film icons including John Vernon (Animal House, Killer Klowns from Outer Space), Samantha Eggar (The Brood, Demonoid), and Lynne Griffin (Black Christmas, Strange Brew).


 RETRO GRADE is a new, ongoing film series presented by the Hexploitation Film Festival where audience are given the chance to grade our selections from our back catalog of interesting and entertaining thrillers, chillers, and cinematic killers of yesteryear. We also invite special celebrity guests, horror genre film experts, cinema scholars, podcasters, and writers to drop  knowledge bombs about the making of these freaky flicks and school us with their insidious insights and anecdotes

So sharpen them pencils, grab your notebooks, and prepare to venture into the hallowed halls of hackademia for a lurid lesson in retro horror.