Mar 12, 2014

More Shorts to Debut at HORROR SHORTS SHOWCASE 4

Fright Night Theatre Presents 

Canadian and Ontario premiere screenings with select filmmakers in attendance

We at Fright Night Theatre love horror shorts, and so do our fans! We are proud to announce that our international shorts series HORROR SHORT FILM SHOWCASE is back by popular demand with a new programme of hand-picked terror tales guaranteed to have you laughing, screaming, and squirming in your seats.

Join us in the intimate, relaxed, and casual screening environment of the Elaine Mae Theatre for a cinematic buffet of the bizarre from around the world.

Event Details
Saturday, March 29, 2014
Admission: $5.00 at the door (cash only)
Shorts @ 3:30pm
Doors and Seating from: 3:00pm.
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The Elaine Mae Theatre
(25 Dundurn St. N.)


Banat Triangle (2012) || CANADIAN PREMIERE || 6 min.

In July 1987, three patients escape at the same time from three different mental institutions in Serbia. A few hours later, they were caught in Banat fields. This case became one of the most bizarre that ever happened in Serbia and is better known as BANAT TRIANGLE.

Dir. Marko Backovic

Christmas Eve Pet Massacre (2013) || CANADIAN PREMIERE || 6:30 min.

* Filmmakers in attendance *

A family's quiet Christmas turns to Hell when the pets decide to overthrow their abusive masters. Outrageous carnage follows in the style of Treevenge.

Dir. Daniel Whidden

Dystopia St. (2011) || ONTARIO PREMIERE || 11 min.
Lost in a nightmare world, a man must unravel the mystery of his plight, in order to find the key to his escape in this surreal and unnervingly atmospheric short.

Dir. Dave Cave

Fodder (2013) || 9 min.

* Filmmakers in attendance *

In a post-apocalyptic undead world, a mysterious young woman must stand-up to her captors and horrible medical experiments in an underground military lab.

Dir. David Dollard

A Certain Kind of Monster (2012) || 22:55 min.

A young runaway named Beth is rescued from a violent storm by an unusual man named Ben. Soon, she finds herself agreeing to go home with this stranger to wait out the storm. But what begins as a pleasant evening in good company, quickly and unexpectedly becomes a night of unthinkable horror.

Dir. Mike Moring

Lively (2013) || 11 min.

* Filmmakers in attendance *
While looking after a precocious young boy, Amy learns that a vicious serial killer has escaped from a nearby prison in this “babysitter in peril” tale. A great twist on the slasher formula!

Dir. Jay Clarke

Killer Kart (2012) || 14:50 min.
The shopping cart. Four wheels, one basket, and tonight, for the closing crew of a small-town grocery store, a blood-splattered aluminum nightmare. It's JAWS in a grocery store as an evil shopping cart picks off its helpless victims one by one.

Dir. James Feeney

Torturous (2012) || 6 min.
When an employment counselor and a professional torture artist cross paths, the "torture porn" genre takes a new twist blending gore, humour and irony into a deft cinematic mix.

Dir. Angus Swantee

Shelter (2012) || 7:52 min.
A battered woman finds an unusual way out of her problems during a night of cosmic justice at an animal shelter.

Dir. Eve Edelson